Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day

It’s that time of the year again to treat that someone special to a sexy valentine’s gift. Why not visit for the sexiest valentine gifts and ideas. Make it a night to remember with the hottest toy and lingerie known to man…so don’t forget!

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Hens Party, Stag Party, Bachelor Night

Hen and Stag Nights

Hens and Bachelor Party

Hens and Bachelor Parties in Malta – It’s the last time you’ll be able to humiliate your Hen or Bachelor / Stag, so make the most of it with these cheeky, naughty novelties. They’ll thank you in the morning. Well, maybe the next morning.

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Pole Dancing – Lap Dancing Pole

Pole Dancing

Dancing Pole

Lap Dancing Pole – What man wouldn’t love it if his girlfriend was able to give him a sexy, intimate pole dance in the privacy of his own home? What woman wouldn’t love to be able to twist herself upside down and perform the sexiest moves to turn her partner on? Try pole dancing at home!

Not only is it naughty and sexy, but it is one of the best ways for a woman to get fit. It takes incredible body strength to be able to perform some of the expert moves, and even just twirling around the pole taunts stomach muscles. Every day of using a pole will not only increase your sexual vibes, but also improve your overall body tone, boost your confidence, and it’s a great excuse to go out and buy some new high heeled shoes.

I personally found pole dancing loads of fun, get your girlfriends round for a night trying it! There are some great pole dancing tutorials on the internet, or you can buy specialist DVD’s that instruct you through. There are also classes if you search the locality and check the internet, and normally the classes are at very reasonable prices: normally cheaper than joining a gym (and better results!)

Ann Summers supply great poles that are safe for use at home. Plus, get FREE, Discreet delivery to Malta.

I cant think of a single reason NOT to give pole dancing at home a go!

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Malta Swingers

Swingers Malta

Swinging in Malta

Malta Swingers – Swinging is a fun act in which two partners within a committed relationship have agreed for both parties to have sexual activity with other couples.  If you are single you cannot be considered a swinger.

Since the rise of the world wide web, the internet is now the best place for swinging couples to meet other like minded couples, and even arrange swinging parties, meetings, and social activities.  Swinging can also take place in sex clubs.

In one study, 60% of people asked said that swinging improved their relationship. The swinging lifestyle is very fulfilling and exciting, leading to a healthy sex life and improving confidence with ones own body and sexual urges.

However, Malta being the small, conservative, Catholic country that it is known and loved for, swinging is not advertised.  The best way to find like minded couples is to search the internet for swinging in Malta. Rest assured, it is easy to find swinging functions and / or swinging couples in Malta through this means. And maybe someday soon it will be accepted for the harmless, fun activity it is meant to be.

We would like to encourage users to take part by leaving comments, or asking questions below. Thank you.

Condoms – Safe Sex


Buy Condoms

Buying condoms online – The internet has got to be the BEST place to buy condoms. Thousands of different varieties all at the touch of a button – you wont find his choice in your local pharmacy or supermarket! And you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of asking for them either – discreet delivery straight to your home. Large, small, ribbed, sensitive, flavored, strong, spermicidal, latex, latex free, novelty…the important thing is to decided whether you are buying the condom to use as a contraceptive, or for sex play. Some condoms offer both.

Glow in the dark condoms, studded condoms, warming condoms, edible condoms, pleasure shaped condoms, colored condoms, tickler condoms (also referred to as French or French tickler condoms)…the internet is a condom playground!

So why not surprise your partner with a luminous yellow glow in the dark cock that she cant resist? Or have her satisfy yours and her appetites…she can eat a flavored condom straight off your cock.

And if you buy your condoms from the internet, you’ll have more money left over to treat her to a romantic dinner (sex tonight, anyone?)

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Cock Ring

cock ring

Cock Rings

Cock rings – If you havent already tried using a cock ring, you probably should! Cock rings can delay orgasm by increasing blood flow to the penis and therefore intensify orgasms for him and her. Vibrating cock rings stimulate the clitoris, anus and / or scrotum. Want to last longer? Want a bigger, thicker, more engorged penis? The perfect cock ring is sure to give you a super hard erection that lasts a long time!

Cock rings come in hundreds of different variations, some simple, some a little more scary looking. Cock rings are ideal for sex toy amateurs right up to hard core sex toy users. Made of silicone, metal, leather, aluminum and steel, the choice can be endless. However they all have one thing in common: cock rings enhance pleasure. Cock rings prolong orgasm. Cock rings make your girlfriend very happy. Order a cock ring direct from you wont be disappointed! – DISCREET Delivery & Billing to Malta

Groovy Chick Vibrator

Groovy Chick Vibrator


The Groovy Chick is one of the best selling vibrators from AnnSummers. This sex toy is shaped perfectly, massaging your G-spot and your clitoris simultaneously. It will give you the most heated, long lasting orgasms you have ever had.

The Groovy Chick is made from firm flexible / bendable silicone. The amazing grooves along the clitoral ‘arm’ will apply its shaking vibrations to your clitoris. Those vibrations are from the world-famous RO-80mm bullet dildo, known as the world’s most powerful vibrator for its size.

This vibrator is also waterproof, which means you can safely enjoy its full pleasures from your bath, shower, or Jacuzzi. Buy this vibrator today and get massive, regular orgasms. Click here to buy the vibrator direct from FREE and DISCREET delivery to Malta.


Choosing the right dildo


Help with choosing the right dildo – It can be a bit confusing for a first timer to select the perfect dildo: so many colours, shapes and varying sizes to choose from! The fact is that dildos are intended to stimulate different spots as they don’t vibrate – this doesn’t decrease the pleasure, it just means its helpful to know what you’re wanting from your dildo to avoid disappointment. Use our helpful guide to assist you in choosing that perfect funtime playmate:

G-spot stimulation – try a glass or metal dildo. These are rigid enough to really ‘hit’ the spot
Realistic touch/look/feel – realistic dildos or even a realistic dildo/vibrator!
Anal use dildo – try dildos made specifically for anal use, or dildos made of silicone
Big Dildo – Look for the words’large’ or even look at inflatable dildos! (these can be pumped once inside so the penetration is easier).

Be sure to really read the product details about the dildo you are buying and you will love your dildo!

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What is BDSM? Bdsm stands for bondage – domination – sadism – masochism.
It’s about people who have a sexual fetish for domination and submission in sex, an openly acknowledged ‘power game’, played by consent. It may, or may not involve one partner inflicting certain kinds of pain on another.
Tying each other up (bondage), whipping, spanking, and other forms of pain and humiliation are very common practices in sex. It is a form of playful power exchange. Within the bdsm ‘community’, the golden rule is: safe, sane, consensual. Bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadomasochism. It can be anything from mild kinky sex to a complete power reversal both sexually and in everyday life. It is always consensual.
+BDSM can be an overlapping abbreviation: Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism.

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Glass Dildo

Glass Dildo

Glass Dildo

Glass Dildo – Totally gorgeous, pink, transparent dildo that looks so good I don’t know whether to eat it, make love to it, or put it on display! It can even be put in the fridge or warmed up for extra sensations (its made of tempered safety glass – so don’t be scared!)

It delivers an amazing sensual massage to the clitoris and vagina, and it really hit my G-spot.

AND it comes with a sexy bag to transport it in!!!!!

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